A 2.15 minutes long clip by Scott McKercher featuring PWA wavetourlourleader Philip Köster (G-44) at Pozo Izquierdo in 2011

Former PWA Wave Worldchampion Scotty McKercher from Australia travelled to the Canary Islands, to get some waveboard development done, participating in the Tenerife worldcup, where he finished in 13th and took some pricemoney, plus filming sick clips from his teammates. He just finished a short video of Philip at Pozo, including the triple loop attempt, his pushy into forward of which Philip said, that it was his best recorded jump ever, and some new school waveriding on his Starboard Evo. We would say, thumbs up for that Scotty. Philip definitely put the Pozo waveriding level on the next step. And we are sure that we can expect many more crazy things in the near future. Philip turned into 17 this year and this is just the beginning.