From April 15 until April 22 the first event of the IWT (former AWT) took place at Cape Hatteras. Cape Hatteras in North Carolina is a spring-time destination for Central and East Coast Canadian and US windsurfers. Canadian freestyle pro Phil Soltysiak was there and besides taking part in the competitions and show events he ran a freestyle clinic.

Phil Soltysiak: “I’ve been running a freestyle clinic this week throughout the OBX-wind event and it’s a ton of fun. I probably have some of the coolest and most stoked students that are learning everything from Duck jibes to Flakas. OBX-Wind is probably the biggest windsurfing event in the US with 177 racers taking part in the long distance race. It brings amateur windsurfers together for a fun race and freestyle show to kick off their windsurfing season. A big thanks to Jean-Robert from Makani Fins and Mike Burns for putting together such a fun event.”

Phil Soltysiak at the OBX Windsurfing Festival 2017


Source: IWT

Interview with Phil Soltysiak about the OBX Windsurfing Festival 2017

IWT: Congratulations on your win! How would you describe the energy surrounding the freestyle event?

Phil Soltysiak: The energy was firing surrounding the best move contest. Everybody was stoked after 2 long distance races, so after 40km of racing we took all the guys who were busting moves all week and put them in a 15 minute best move freestyle show. It was a low pressure really fun show for the racers who were hanging out and watching on the beach.

IWT: Where do you go to train for freestyle?

Phil Soltysiak: This winter I trained in Jericoacoara, Brazil and Cape Town, South Africa.

IWT: What is your dream windsurfing location?

Phil Soltysiak: Jericoacoara in Brazil is my dream windsurfing location.

IWT: What is your calendar of events for the year? 

Phil Soltysiak: I plan to compete on the PWA World Tour in Freestyle and do a few of the bigger North American events too. Follow my blog to read and see my inside scoop from all those events!

IWT: Does your hair ever look wet?? 

Phil Soltysiak: My hair is ALWAYS wet. If you don’t crash you’re not having fun!…unless you’re racing of course.


Best Freestyle Move – Results

1. Phil Soltysiak (Kono ankle dry)

2. Mike Burns (Burner 540)

3. Alex Mertens (Switch Kono)

4. Chris Eldridge (E-Slider)

5. Tom Soltysiak (Spock 540)

6. Max Robinson (Dry Forward Loop)

7. Adrian (Forward Loop)

8. Jonathan Erbele (Duck Jibe)