This video was filmed over a couple of sessions at one of the top spots next to Liverpool on the Isle of Anlesey in Northern Wales. Maike Sakschewski kept the cam on one of the best wavesailors in UK, Phil Horrocks. He was on his JP 74 Quad and the Manic 4.2 or 4.5.

“The first session was in the morning, about 9am, it was lashing it down with rain, pretty wavey. The second session was filmed in the afternoon the next day I think? The tide had gone out and the wind pretty damn onshore! it was so onshore you could ride and jump both ways!” Phil explained the conditions.

Plus Phil, who is currently on Sal, Cabo Verde, where he will compete in the PWA wave event – he luckily got an entry in the last minute – also added:
“Some people are lucky enough that when they go home form events they head to the likes of Maui, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Chile and so on… Sometimes its a bit gutting when I see all the videos that get posted on the web of everyone shredding in places they call home, I do like a good day in Rhosneigr as much as anywhere, they’re so few and far between which is the frustrating thing!
So, for all you northern europe folk like me who are getting out the winter wetsuits and going shopping for wetsuit boots, this video is for you guys!! In preparation for the Cabo Verde event I just called this day Rhos Verde in my head… it’s amazing how warm it feels if you imagine you’re somewhere else!”
We wish Phil good luck for the event on Cabo Verde, which will see the registration very soon this afternoon.
Rhosneigr: The spot is located on the western shores at the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. There are several sandy bays splitted by rocks, which can catch a lot of swells. Rhosneigr works excellent with wind from southern and southwestern direction. More it turns into west more onshore it gets! It´s easy to park there and find nice Pubs and markets. Just take care of the relatively strong current!