Watch Pepe Krause & friends ripping’ at Playa Arenal in Pozo Izquierdo this summer. Imagine, Pepe is only 13 years-old and some of his friends, too. They go for Push loops, Takas, off the lips or super fast Forwards. Pepe is one of the groms, who rides the closest to the critical sections at the bunker.

Respect to Pepe, Liam Dunkerbeck, the Pozo Bros Alexia & Carlos Kiefer Quintana, Hayata Ishii, Tobias Bjornaa, Jake Schettewi, Laurin Schmuth or Henri Kolberg, who risk a lot, crash hard but land nice moves, too. That’s the way how they learn. No wipeouts, no progress. And of course Ricardo Campello made it into the video of Pepe. He constantly pushes his level in windsurfing and motivates the groms to push their level, too. And he even gives them a hug or an idea, how to land their next dream move smoother.

Pepe lives in Canada and travels together with his dad Stephan, who is a passionate windsurfer and surfer, too, to the windy and wavy spots. The next stop is Maui. If they are not traveling they are enjoying any kind of fun sport. Check out Pepe’s instagram account.

Pepe Krause and his friends windsurf and crash in the windy summer conditions of Pozo Izquierdo

Produced by Stephan Krause