Loft Sails recently announced a big rider change: Swiss Patrik Diethelm (ITA-120)  as a new International Team member for the next racing season 2012, joining forces with the rest of the International Team with Ben van der Steen, Ludo Jossin, Antoine Questel and  Lena Erdil. It is the first time in 10 years that Patrik changes his sail sponsor. He left NorthSails in the age of 39 and will try to add a value for the new sponsor with his massive experience and innovative vision. And he will closer work with some teamriders like Ludo Jossin or Lena Erdil on his Patrik board line as well. Plus he will follow a big goal reaching the 50 knots barrier with the windsurfing gear.


Watch the video statement of Patrik Diethelm about his change. He explains the main reasons, why he decided to change to the Tarifa based company.

Patrik Diethelm goes Loftsails from The Loft TV on Vimeo.


Loft Sails jumped to the 2011 PWA podium thanks to Ben Van Der Steen’s great season finishing in third; but also the rest of the team, Ludo Jossin, Antoine Questel and Lena Erdil, helped us finishing 3rd in the PWA Slalom sails constructor ranking.

In 2011 Loft Sails is experiencing its best season ever, not only in PWA, where Ben Van Der Steen secured for the first time ever a podium position, and the rest of the team has had their best ever performances; but also took the European IFCA youth title, Raceboard world title in the 8,5m2 category as well as many GPS speed events where most of our riders have improved their personal best performances.

Loft Sails was founded in 1998 by Monty Spindler after designing for Neil Pryde, North Sails and finally A.R.T where his designs achieved many speed

With its Philosophy of maximizing the wind range while minimizing the number of sail lines presented to the market, Loft Sails designs began winning international magazine tests since the very beginning, excelling in construction, durability and performance. Then, titles started coming with national championships (France, Spain) and International events, such as ISA Speed constructor ranking. French Slalom legend Valérie Arighetti (Ghibaudo) could win the PWA Slalom title in 2009 on Loft Sails with three event wins.


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