patrickdiethelmPatrik Diethelm and Karin Jaggi announce their own brand “patrik diethelm”.

“A few months ago we sent you the information that our F2 working contracts were terminated. During this competition season we still raced on F2 boards and tried to achieve the best results and maximum media coverage.

Yesterday, 30th September 2009, our team rider contract ended and we made the decision to definitely separate from F2. F2 was a major part of our lives. We had a great time, made many friends and feel privileged to have lived through the ups and downs together.

Windsurfing has been our life for more than 20 years. Today our passion and addiction for our favourite sport is bigger than ever. To be able to keep living our dream and sharing our passion we made a big step. „Time and tide wait for no man“.

We are thrilled to be able to announce the launch of our own brand “patrik diethelm”. After thinking many months about the perfect brand name we decided to simply name it who we are.

Patrik: “Karin Jaggi on her side is a woman windsurf legend. With a university degree in marketing and economics she will be the backbone of our business. She will surprise you with innovative, out of the box marketing elements and strategies and keep you updated on the “patrik diethelm” adventures on the seven seas.” “Our two-man-show is looking forward to a challenging and exciting future and hope that we can continue to live, push and develop the fun and extreme sports further. See you on the water!”

Karin & Patrik


Patrik Diethelm boards - Pic: