Windsurfing needs a lot of balance. Sometimes it’s not to easy to stay on the board with two legs, but the Austrian windsurfer Hannes Rieger has only one leg left. He lost the other one during a heavy car accident when he was 19. Imagine, he started windsurfing with one healthy leg and he got hooked. Nowadays he reinforces his boards, otherwise he would destroy the deck of the board with his Carbon leg.  Hannes sails on flat water, in choppy conditions and waves. He is a fast racer, plans very early and rides the waves very smooth.


“Hannes is really fast and his technique looks brilliant. It’s fun windsurfing together and he has an amazing top speed. When he shows up for a session on the lake he never asks for any help. When he starts to plan his system gets really stable and he enjoys windsurfing to the fullest.” Chris Pressler


“One Foot Off” – The Story of Hannes Rieger

Produced by Stefan Csaky