Let’s see if windsurfing will see a comeback in light wind conditions with this redesigned “Windsurfer”. Playing around in lighter winds is a lot of fun and it’s a great practice for the highwind tricks, too. You just have to grab your board and go out. It doesn’t matter if you take a big board or a modern freestyler, which works in a few knots, too or a bigger waveboard.

“The Original windsurfer class was where it all started back in 1967. There is an unparalleled amount of global engagement and connection with this class, created by Diane and Hoyle Schweitzer with a board concept developed by Jim Drake. Bruce Wylie, who entered the Windsurfing event in Santa Barbara while I sailed in the Olympics on the more “sophisticated“ Windglider, has redesigned the Windsurfer and it’s now a wonderful allround board suited also for heavier people.
The board is stable, glides particularly nice in light winds and shoots into planing mode with ease. With its daggerboard it goes upwind really well. Tilt it a bit backwards and it can be handled in high-wind upwind. It freestyles with excellence and rail-rides are hereby back in trend. I really enjoy sailing this board and see it as a way to get clubs around the world introducing a board which works for entry level sailing, with the plastic daggerboard, and club racing with the composite daggerboard. Back in the days, the main campaign for the windsurfer was “DO IT STANDING UP” and this board even is good at stand up paddling.” Svein Rasmussen, Starboard’s chief

Svein Rasmussen windsurfs on the re-designed Windsurfer in Pattaya, Thailand

“The new Windsurfer LT planes out much faster & easier than the old stock windsurfer. With the lighter design & increased volume, this is a very user-friendly board for the masses. With this type of board, this could be the key that is needed to give windsurfing its much-deserved comeback in light wind conditions!”

Matt Schweitzer – the living legend whose father invented windsurfing tried this board, too. Matt won his first World Championship Windsurfing title at the young age of 16 and is considered being one of the most historical and influential windsurfers all time.

Matt Schweitzer talks about freestyle windsurfing and tests the Windsurfer LT on the water

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