Many times we have an excuse not to go on the water. The wind is too light or too gusty, the waves are not big enough, the sail is not big enough….Remember the old days, when windsurfing started or when you started with the sport yourself. Most of us stepped on a big board using a simple working sail. The board had a dagger board as well and it was fun. Sometimes so much that we kept on going for many hours.


Even freestyle worldchampion Steven van Broeckhoven performs tricks on a longboard. This shot was taken during the 2012 Young Gun Camp at Prasonisi (Pic: JP/NP Young Gun Camp 2012, Kirschner).


Pedro from Portugal sent us a clip about his father, who still enjoys sailing on the gear of the older days. He is using a Wayler plus an original 5,9 m triangle sail and even performs some cool freestyle tricks. Perhaps it motivates you now, to grab some old big gear and enjoy windsurfing during a nice sunny summerday in 5 to 10 knots of wind. Slam some jibes or go for a railride or get your friends on board. Have a look on a forum post on seebreeze