This is a short clip about 2 sessions of Pierre Garambois (F-990) and Benjamin Panel (F-770) filmed this November on the river Rhône at Chasse sur Rhône & Saint Alban sur Rhône, France. The November was surprisingly warm in France and the guys from the La Bar team had a few good sessions.


“Personally I was really happy to be back on the water after an injury, which kept me off the water for 3 months!” (Pierre Garambois comment on the clip).


Out of our view the clip transports the beautiful colours of the late fall combined with nice solid freestyle action.

Guillaume Durand filmed the footage and Pierre himseld edited the clip. If you interested in reading their websites check Pierre´s blog  or the La Bar website!


November was hot – La BAR on the Rhône again from Pierre Garambois on Vimeo.