Less than a month after the addition of Josh Angulo to the team, Point-7 announces the signing of the French freestyle windsurfer Nicolas Akgazciyan.


Nicolas Akgazciyan: “Making the decision to join Point-7´s Black Team just one month before the 1st PWA event was a bit cheeky, but I like challenges! I talked to both Pascal Toselli and Andrea Cucchi and we really had a good feeling form the onset. They are a dynamic group and do a lot for the team and for the brand. Cohesion and solidarity are the key ideas! I feel at ease and I really like the spirit of being part of this united family! It’s a real force!”


Andrea Cucchi: “We are very excited to welcome Nicolas to our team. ?It’s not only the fact, that he is a great freestyler but also how we will start a whole new freestyle project with him. It’s a new challenge for Point-7 and we love this! Through development we are planning a very dedicated and innovative sail model to be made as well as we will add a Freestyle section to the Accademy section on our team site. These are just the first steps that will be taken. We are now working to present the new sail model at the first PWA event in Austria. Not much time left, so let’s see if we can push for it.”