Pano Schneck-Germanakos aka Panostalgic on instagram is an artist. He paints and creates extraordinary collages. Pano grew up in Greece and will start to study in Hamburg, soon. He loves the Greek summers. In 2019 he spent six weeks there. His windsurfing passion, especially for freestyle, drives him out in the sea, where he enjoys every minute on his old repaired gear. The sail would be in pieces without duct tape. Because of the several repairs in the Combat sail window section the design has changed a bit. It’s a way of sustainability to use old gear as Pano does. It’s still rideable and it works well for him.

Pano enjoyed windsurfing a lot in Prasonisi on the island of Rhodes or at Mavrovouni, Ocean Cafe in Githio during summer, where he learnt windsurfing 12 years ago. And he nails brilliant freestyle moves, even with the old repaired sail from 2013 and the board from the same year… “But soon I will have a new sail. The new 2020 board I got already and it really works well”, Pano told us .

“Naava Ama”, a windsurfing video by Pano Schneck-Germanakos about his windsurfing summer 2019 in Greece