Morgan Noireaux enjoys some waves in New Zealand. Morgan is a starboard tack specialist, won the Aloha Classic twice, but his port tack riding is also pretty awesome. He travelled there earlier the year to test the conditions for the first time in his life. Read , what he reports:

Morgan Noireaux: “In April I went to New Zealand with my parents for two weeks. We mostly stayed on the North island and around Taranaki. Taranaki is pretty cool as it sticks out from the mainland and depending on what the wind does you can drive around the coast and find somewhere to sail. Because of this the conditions seem to vary quite a bit. I sailed starboard tack and port tack, and really windy to some light off shores which was pretty cool.

This particular spot is called Pungarehu. I think it’s one of the better spots in New Zealand and it doesn’t work all the time so I was happy to have gotten it. I managed to sail there two days. The first day was actually really big, it was mast and a half and bigger in the sets but the wave was a lot more difficult to sail. The second day was the day in the video. The waves were smaller, but it was working better. The wind was great, the waves were long and the locals were really cool. Couldn’t ask for a much more.”


Morgan Noireaux in Pungarehu, Taranaki, New Zealand