Mohamed Aid is a local from Dahab, Egypt. Ahmed Sware and Stefanos Damianos (GRE-334) filmed the 20 year old newcomer, who does not own any gear. This time it was Christopher Kalk, who lent his gear to Mohamed, a Bedouin, to nail some of the latest freestyle tricks.

The Greek freestyle windsurfer Stefanos Damianos, who also sent us the clip,  knows Mohamed and he sent us the following lines about his friend.

“Mohamed Aid grew up in Dahab and started windsurfing five years ago. Since then Mohamed worked for different windsurfing stations in Dahab and he was allowed to use the rental equipment in his free time. Through the good conditions and regular winds Mohamed improved very fast. Through the constant push from international  riders, who where in Dahab for training and through his talent he became the best local freestyler in Dahab. He is a passionate windsurfer, super friendly, quiet and ready to help anybody to improve their skills. His dream is to get support from any windsurfing company. The car in the movie does not belong to Mohamed.” 


Mohamed Aid 16.12.2011 Dahab from Stefanos Damianos on Vimeo.