The new DVD production MINDS WIDE OPEN by Andre Paskowski is nearly finished and ready for shipping. Watch here the video from the pre-premiere show on Sylt in the cinema in Westerland, with statemens about the movie from Davy Scheffers, Antoine Albeau, Maciek Rutkowski, Youp Schmit, and many others. Below you can read a short interview with Andre Paskowski about the premiere and when the shipping of the DVD starts. 




C7: How was the pre-premiere show on Sylt for you?
Andre Paskowski: It was work. I was actually hoping to enjoy this moment we have waited for for so long but it was not. I actually not even had a seat hahah. But all good. Everybody enjoyed it, so that was what I hoped for.

C7: Was it like you´ve expected it?
Actually better. I did not know, if people really would understand our “new” way we want to go. Much less talking much more ripping. But to not use the ordinary style of rock music and a fast music video like cut. We actually tried to give every little piece of video a good and beautiful touch. And I feel most people got that idea and appreciate this approach. There was a moment of silence were people really got into the movie. It is hard to know before a premiere if it works, that way we hoped it will – but it did.

C7: How were the reactions of the people?
Andre: It was great, that most people say it was different. That’s for me great. We could just go easy and say we do Four Dimensions 2. Better Camera, More Effects better Action. But that´s boring. Films would never change with that way thinking. We tried a new approach and people understood and liked it a lot. Of course you can never please everybody, but we did almost reach that.

C7: Do you already have a date, when the DVD will be available?
Andre: We start shipping on the 15th of November.


The DVD is ready to ship.