Young Irish wavesailor Mikey Clancy (Ir-253) made it back on the water. He recovered from his horrible ankle crash and put some very nice shots from the last week session together. Most of the footage is from Magheroarty in Donegal and there are also two shots from Brandon Bay thrown in there also. And Mikey could score with excellent waveriding immediately after his comeback

“I am super happy with the way I am sailing again after 6 months having not sailed in waves and with the ankle the way it is. I mostly took it easy sailing and didn’t risk it too much to be safe. So I am glad! It is all gone well and my ankle is not sore after it. Hopefully we get more conditions like this soon and I can start going for some more moves and bigger sections,” Mikey reported after his session.

We are also very happy for you Mikey, that you could make it back on the water after 9 months of pain, operations, physiotherapy and really hope, that your ankle will work also in the upcoming sessions.

Check out the video and Mikey┬┤s personal blog!