21 year old Mikey Clancy (IR-253) from Dublin, one of the best Irish wave sailors, recently left Starboard/Severne and joined Fanatic/NorthSails. We asked Mikey, why he decided to go for a sponsor change and what he is working on at the moment. Read more…


C7: You were sailing with Starboard/Severne equipment for a pretty long time. What were the reasons for the change to NorthSails and Fanatic. It seems like Nik Baker (The UK Fanatic dealer) wants to build up a strong team in the UK and Ireland?

Mikey Clancy: I have had many of great years with both, Starboard and Severne and am grateful for their support since a young age.


Mikey seems to feel very comfortable on his new kit already (Pic: Michael Clancy)


NorthSails, Fanatic and Ion are together the most innovative leading brands in the windsurf industry and it really is an honor to be part of a team with such a high caliber of athletes. Joining the team felt like a very natural decision as they have been producing equipment which i have always taking a liking to. Nik Baker is the UK´s most successful wave sailor. It is a major benefit of mine to have such an experienced and successful windsurfer, number 1): to back and believe in you in the first place and 2): as Mentor/Coach is priceless and is something, that will help me to improve my sailing and competition results.


C7: Do you already know, which boards and sails you´ll be riding on?

Mikey Clancy: Yep, I have already received my new equipment, which is really to spec. I will be using Norths 4 batten wave sail the HERO, Fanatic Quads and also have some amazingly warm ION wetsuits and Accessories to make winter sailing really pleasant. 7m Swell with 14seconds period tomorrow with 30 knots of wind, so perfect to use my new sails and boards.


Mikey on top of the lip of a windy cold winter wave in Ireland (Pic: Michael Clancy).


C7: Will you do any PWA competitions this year?

Mikey Clancy: I will be competing at all the PWA wave events this year. I have been training hard and can’t wait!!


Mikey´s new website is fully updated. Check it out! Just clicl on the pic!


C7: What are your goals for 2012?
Mikey Clancy: 

Have a happy healthy and windy 2012
To get good results in University exams.
Launch my new website/business 
Get on the water as much as possible
Make a couple of nice windsurf videos (me and other riders) 
Irish Champion for longer than 15 minutes.
Irish Intervarsities Champion
Finish inside the top 20 in the PWA world rankings this year.


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