The Austrian windsurfer and photographer Michael “Much” Kalensky loves to travel to Maui. During the past 18 years he has visited the island around 20 times from 4 weeks until 7 months. In 2013 he travelled there twice and sent us some of his best shots.


Watch the slide show and check out some basic travel info from Michael for Maui below.



What do you like most about Maui?
The lifestyle, it’s easy going, the beautiful landscape. And you can undertake a lot without being on the water, too. The island offers a lot of variety.


The average costs/week?

The life on Maui is not cheap. 

Estimated costs:

flight summer 1400-1500€ (from Europe)

flight winter 800-1200€ (from Europe)

accommodation for 2 persons around 120-140$ / day

the living costs are quite similar to Europe as the US $ is lower compared to the Euro

rental car 28-35 $per day


The best airline for windsurfing gear?  

The top airline is United Airline UA. The take windsurfing gear up to 45 kg for 180$ one way.


For everybody who wants to travel to Maui, Michael can arrange rentals for Starboard/Hot Sails Mai or Fanatic/North and can help to find an accomodation. Just send him an e-mail:, with “Maui” as subject in your e-mail.


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