After the PWA event in Austria, the British freestyle windsurfer Max Rowe travelled to Egypt and took part in his first international photo shoot. Together with his team mates, he got invited to Soma Bay in Egpyt to caputure the 2013 North and Fanatic equipment. Max did a little write-up about his time in Egypt.

Max Rowe, Gollito Estredo, Andre Paskowski - Pic: Sebastian Schöffel

Max Rowe (K-448):

“After being invited to my first ever official photo shoot for Fanatic/ North in Soma bay my initial thoughts were of complete excitement and gratitude, as it all got a little bit closer the nerves definitely started to kick in a little bit. I knew all the other riders going so it wasn’t that making me nervous it was more just realisation of the massive opportunity I’d been presented with!

Pic: Sebastian Schöffel

After an extremely hectic week at the PWA event in Austria, I was leaving to Egypt straight from the event. After being so nervous upon arriving I was instantly relaxed by the chilled out vibe around the dinner table. Although the obvious point of the trip was to get the shots and footage we needed I could already tell it was going to be a great bonding trip for the whole team. After sailing the first day it was pretty clear that the wind was going to disappear for the following few days. Now we had time to go all out on some seriously entertaining lifestyle shots. The casino shots will show the best story as we’re all in character believing that we are high rollers at a Blackjack table in Vegas! Paskowski was so excited that he’d got his best ever Poker hand but quickly remembered it wasn’t to be. 

The Poker shots were very entertaining to shoot, It was one of the funniest evenings of the trips. We weren’t actually playing for real but we were getting very into our roles. Gollito was stealing poker chips from Nik and also looking at his cards when his back was turned so there was lots of shouting going on.
Of course as professional athletes the glasses we are drinking from don’t contain whiskey. Instead we opted for the far healthier Jagermeister!!!

Nik Baker, Yoli de Brendt and Max Rowe - Pic: Sebastian Schöffel


As I mentioned before Andre was possibly the most dissapointed by the evening. In the final round he got dealt the best poker hand of his life, fortunately his bluffing skills were too good and before he had the chance to claim his prize everybody had started chucking in their cards as Nik grabbed all the chips for himself.

The whole Fanatic/North team - Pic: Sebastian Schöffel

All in all it was a hard week and we spent a lot of time on the water making sure we had the shots. It’s always a great feeling when you feel you work well with a photographer as it makes everyone’s life so much easier, with Sebastian I knew exactly where he wanted me and I could understand what shot he was trying to get.”