German wave windsurfer Max Droege spent a great time in Western Australia during February and March 2016. He definitely improved his double Forwards. Big respect Max! Watch his latest clip.

Max Droege: “After finishing my exams end of January, my girlfriend Ronie and me packed our stuff, took the long flight to Perth and got welcomed by a friend from Dieter who rented his Transit to ourselves. We simply had to put our stuff in the car, hit a supermarket and get on the road, that was pretty cool! Only 2 hours after arriving in Perth, we were already on the road to Geraldton.” 

Read the 3 highlights of Max Droege’s trip below the video!


Max Droege in Western Australia


Max Droege’s 3 highlights from Western Australia (positive and negative)


Western Australia beauty

After being able to spend the last winters in Cape Town, I was a bit disappointed during the first week. I simply expected “more”. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds really stupid and spoiled to say that about Australia, but in fact my expectations were just completely wrong. I didn’t expect that there would be only a few small cities (except Perth) at the western coast and that the distances were that long. From Cape Town I was used to so much activities beside windsurfing and surfing and probably I expected the same to have in Western Australia. But after the first week when the everyday stress relieved, we started enjoying WA pretty much. It is really beautiful. The nature and wildlife is fascinating and the loneliness isn’t replaceable. Beside that people are really friendly and helpful and it feels super safe. It is not comparable to Cape Town, it is completely another holiday, but it is at least as beautiful. 


Unforgettable activities

Locals said that it wasn’t a good wind season at all, but during February and first two weeks in March we scored good conditions and had in average about 4 days of good Windsurfing per week. . When the wind isn’t on, the chance of getting a good surf is quite high as well and when there’s nothing you always find something to do. Snorkeling, visiting national parks or enjoying the beautiful skyline of Perth were only some unforgettable experiences to mention. 


Breaking my hand in Gnaraloo 

During the last week we got the chance to score some good conditions in Gnaraloo, but unfortunately I landed with my chest on the boom with my hand in between. From the first second I knew that it was broken so I sailed downwind to the second exit, packed my stuff with Ronie and she had to drive to Carnarvon. People said that the dirt road was in quite a good condition, but honestly I didn’t enjoy the 2 and a half hour drive at all. Two metacarpal bones were broken, but it seemed to be an easy fracture. So I got a plastic cast and I could enjoy the last days of the holiday.

The doctors in Germany didn’t share the same opinion and a week later I already had the date for the surgery to ensure the full functionality of the hand and fingers. 6 weeks later everything seems to be all right. I did quite some training during the last weeks and I hope to be able to start windsurfing in the next days.”