This summer the Austrian windsurfer Max Brinnich travelled to northeastern Brazil to enjoy the endless freestyle windsurfing summer. During August and September the wind is full on but the spots are pretty empty compared to November when all the freestyle pros are there for training. Watch the new video of Max with great action, produced by CCfilms in Austria and Brazil.

Max Brinnich: “Here it is… I can’t even tell you how long I was dreaming of this video! In the third Episode of my Seen web series I take you into the world of a windsurf loving kid completely drifting of in his vision while playing. The series was filmed during the past months in Podersdorf (Austria), Jericoacoara and Maceio (Brazil). Filmed by my buddy Chris (CCfilms), Jo (the sail ripper) and my brother Mo. The boy in the video is called Leeven – one day he will be an outstanding sailor – I am sure. Thanks to him and his bigger sister Freija, who helped a lot to do this video as well!”


Max Brinnich’s third episode about Brazil and the windsurfing dreams of young kid Leeven


Interview about the third “Seen” episode with Austrian freestyle wave windsurfer Max Brinnich

Continentseven: Who had the idea for this video?
Max Brinnich:
Basically I had the first idea about doing this kind of video already two years ago – but I never found the perfect kid for it. Anyways this spring I met Leeven during the World Cup in Podersdorf and with the help of his sister we signed him up. Then it was a challenge to organize the small Windsurfing toy which looks exactly like my Brazil Set up and to find a car model of a buggy. Chiemsee helped out with some board shorts for Leeven and me – all the details should be perfect!
After all that Chris Czadilek from CCfilms and I finally started shooting all the „dreams“ of a young kid on a sunny afternoon in Podersdorf in July. For the windsurfing action we had planned a trip to Brazil later in the season.

Continentseven: How long have you been in Brazil? Which Spots are in the video?
Max Brinnich:
We have been there for a bit more than 2 months. I stayed around 5 weeks in Jericoacoara with Chris and then moved on to Maceio a bit more north for 3.5 weeks.

Continentseven: How were the conditions this summer? What gear did you use most of the time?
Max Brinnich:
Everybody thinks the conditions are not that good during European Summer in Brazil – but it’s crazy. It was windy every single day. In the beginning I was using 4.6m more often – then I was on 4.2m most of the time and I ended up using my 3.7m and my small Freestyle wave board for some sessions in Maceio.

Continentseven: Who did you sail with?
Max Brinnich:
In Jericoacoara we were quite a big group of friends. But usually I used to sail a lot with my brother – unfortunately he broke his foot on the first day in Maceio.

Continentseven: How is the life in Jericoacoara during summer?
Max Brinnich:
I think it’s much more relaxing than during the typical „Brazil Season“. Especially in July you find a lot of space on the water, but later it gets more people arrive. In Jericoacoara the life is easy – you find everything you need super easy and there is basically everything you need. In Praia do Maceio (e.n.: the little village is located a few kilometers from Camocim in western direction) there is almost nothing – just one restaurant and another small restaurant, and everybody said all the time „what do you wanna do there? there is nothing….blabla“ but in the end, we (a group of 4 boys and one girl) liked it much more in Praia do Maceio – because you don’t feel like in Europe and when you are on tour for windsurfing it’s just perfect. The people there are mega friendly and everybody is super kind! I loved it! But I realized I don’t need much to be happy, with the people I love, some good windsurfing everyday – what you want more?!

Continentseven: You get better and better in freestyle windsurfing. Do you like windsurfing the more and more skills you get and will you stay off competition, as a pure freerider?
Max Brinnich:
It depends – haha. Sometimes I hate it, when it’s hard to ride and I can’t duck my sail, it drives me crazy sometimes! But all in all I love windsurfing more and more with everyday on the water. Although I am really thinking about competing giving it a go next year in Austria during the PWA event. I don’t think you will see me taking part in a lot of contests in the future. The level on the PWA is crazy and I am pretty sure I am not sailing consistent enough, to be honest. Unfortunately there is no Starboard tack Jumping contest (like Brazil or now Sylt for the first time ever) what in my opinion, fits me best. I like the freeride idea a lot with doing different videos and traveling to new places every year instead of following the same tour every year again and again. And in the end I think it doesn’t quite help me as long as I am 25th, 57th or don’t even compete on tour, because in the end just the world champion is recognized, which is one major problem of our whole sport.

Continentseven: You are back in Austria. It got cold. Do you still make it on the water?
Max Brinnich:
Yes sure. I am still hungry for every session! It doesn’t matter if it’s 5.2m and cold or 4.0m and raining. I just go out with my brother and try to push myself over my comfort zone.

Continentseven: Are your next trips planned already?
Max Brinnich:
Hm. Right now I am always checking the forecast for Croatia. During the colder period I like to do road trips there and enjoy some sessions with warmer southern wind or some rough Bora conditions. But beside that I will go away in December and in February – but I still have no idea where to go. During next summer I really would like to travel to Oman. But we will see later…

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