Max Brinnich released his next “SEEN” episode. The Austrian windsurfer beams himself back into the 80’s, when windsurfing was way more colorful and connected with beach lifestyle. He loads the F2 Sunset and the NorthSails dacron sail from around 1984 in his cabriolet. Classic glasses and Windsurfing Chiemsee complete his outfit. No harness needed.
Max windsurfs on a warm summer day just in his shorts at his home spot Lake Neusiedl in Weiden. A few pumps and he is nicely planing through the lake water. No foil, no high tech rig, no sharp carbon fin needed. Just a bit of wind, good working muscles, some balance and a windy sunny day. Windsurfing can be so simple, not only in 80s or 90s, even today… let’s keep the real spirit alive. Thanks Max for your good ideas and the realisation of the video!

Max Brinnich Seen Episode VIII – Back to the Future – 80s style from Weiden, Lake Neusiedl

Produced by Max Brinnich and Jo Meyer
Camera: Jo Meyer
Supported by: Family Meyer (Golf Cabrio), Nott Zechner (Vintage North Sails), Surfshop Upside Down (Sunset Slalom), Chiemsee (Clothes), Surfclub Weiden (Rigging Tips and helping us out)