Czech wave windsurfer Zdenek Maryzko spent three months in Maui, Hawaii and had the time of his life. Check out his action clip with a lot of brilliant moves. Zdenek, who’s in the team of Robby Naish together with Ricardo Camplello, Michi Schweiger or Z Schettewi, returned to Tarifa in June, where he lives, works and windsurfs over the summer.

Zdenek Maryzko: Here is my new video from this spring in Maui. Hope you like it! This year I came to Maui in beginning of March for the Naish photo shooting. My plan was to stay there for one month but at the end because of the Covid situation I stayed there for three months. Maui was empty and we had wind and waves almost every day. It was the best windsurf trip so far. I was sailing Ho’okipa almost every day and I was lucky to score some sessions in La Perouse, too.

Maui spring wave windsurfing 2020 featuring Zdenek Maryzko