Italian freestyle windsurfer Mattia Pedrani got up early to catch the perfect morning wind, the Peler, in Malcesine, Lake Garda. Once on the water, no one can stop Mattia landing even some of the latest freestyle moves ankle dry. Mattia, who said good bye to professional competitions a few years ago, decided to go for a full time job and Lake Garda with the morning wind gives him the chance to combine windsurfing with working. Good choice Mattia! We like your attitude and it’s great to see you can keep your level on the water!!

Mattia Pedrani: “Working full time as a software developer and trying to windsurf around your regular workday requires some creativity regarding time management and sleep. From June till September, though, it’s possible to sail every morning in Lake Garda, which means getting up at 4.55am in full Dawn Patrol mode, to be on the water by 5.15AM, and squeeze in as many tricks as you can before 7.15AM. Then it’s off to catch the train at 7.45AM to be at the office by 8.45AM and work till 6.00PM. Still can’t figure out why people look at me funny when I get to the office with wet hair… The beat is called “Braindead” and was produced by me using FL12.”


Mattia Pedrani with a radical freestyle windsurfing session in Malcesine, Lake Garda during summer 2016