Mattia Pedrani drove 290 km from Torbolo at Lago di Garda to Ravenna in the region Emiglia Romagna. And it was all wort the effort. Porto Corsini saw proper wind and wave conditions and Mattia was on his 4.5m. Porto Corsini works best with south eastern wind conditions. And that’s excatly what Mattia got.

“Quick edit of the first wave session of winter 2018 in Porto Corsini, with fun and chill conditions. A little gusty on the inside but still some nice tiny ramps for some Pushies and Takas. Lots of traffic on the water but definitely worth it. Shot both from land and on my GoPro Hero 6black.” Mattia Pedrani

Wind direction: S – SE side side-on starboard tack
Wind strenght: 18-35 kts
Wave height: 0.5 – 2.0m

Mattia Pedrani at Porto Corsini, Ravenna, Italy