Italian Mattia Pedrani loves to freestyle on Lake Garda. It’s kind of his home spot and he invented several incredible freestyle combos on the lake.

Mattia released a new clip with world class freestyle action in excellent Lake Garda conditions filmed during the last months. The video not only shows freestyle action, but also Laka Garda’s landscape and places nearby. Additionally he is working on a new move combo. Mattia starts to rotate into a Kono and the tries to kick his board into a Willy Skipper. Mattia surprises the freestyle scene again and again without competing in any events.

Mattia Pedrani: “Yeah, I tried some Kono Skippers (come to think of it, it’s a actually a Toucan) ! I don’t really know how to end it though, as you would just land out of the straps, in normal standing position.”


Mattia Pedrani with radical freestyle action on Garda Lake, Italy