Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne had probably his best competition season last year. He won his first PWA Wave World Champion Title and the PWA World Cup event in Denmark. And the Brazilian is qualified for the final round of the Red Bull Storm Chase, which will hopefully see its final soon.

This clip, edited by professional film maker Artur Miranda shows the highlights of Marcilio’s 2013 season. He called it the incredible journey. Marcilio started with a 6th place on Tenerife, won the second event in Denmark and took the title with a fifth place at the Aloha Classic, the tour final. Two events, the first tour stop in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria and Sylt, Germany saw no waves and not enough wind. Congratulations again!

Unfortunately there are no subtitles, for the non Portuguese speaking people, but the footage is great, which got filmed by Theo Reynal, Kevin Pritchard, Sebastian Doerr, Patrick Villela, Peter Svensson, André Paskowski, Flo Gebbert and Pio Marasco 


Marcilio Browne’s World Champion 2013 – Video