Just two days ago Marcilio “Brawzinho” Browne from Fortaleza, Brazil won his first PWA Wave event defeating Philip Köster in the final of the single elimination at the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup in Denmark. The Brazilian eliminated Moritz Mauch, Victor Fernandez and Thomas Traversa before his final heat against the two times world champion Köster. Read an interview with the rider, who definitely deserves the first victory.


  • Watch the video from the final day of the PWA World Cup in Denmark: VIDEO FINAL DAY


C7: How are you feeling right now?

Marcilio Browne: Super happy, I still can’t believe it!


C7: You were always there, but never on top. You already have won the first AWT event at Santa Cruz defeating Kevin Pritchard and Levi Siver, you’ve qualified for the top 4 in the Storm Chase and now a PWA victory. Has this been your best season so far in wave sailing?

Marcilio Browne: Yes, this has been my best season by far!!! I am so stoked also with the AWT win. KP and Levi are amazing sailors and some of the best on starboard tack, apart from other names like Francisco , Camille …  so that meant a lot to me as well. 


Marcilio with a powerful top turn in Denmark (Pic: PWA/Carter)

Marcilio with a powerful top turn in Denmark (Pic: PWA/Carter)


C7: Perhaps not everyone kept in mind, that you already won a world title in freestyle back in 2007 and a 2nd in 2008. Now you won your first PWA wave event. Do you feel better now, kind of relieved?

Marcilio Browne: I feel the same. I just want to be stoked and happy like I was before this event started and really focus on doing my best on the water. I think as long as I do my best, the results don’t really matter as much. Most important is to be happy and try as hard as I can in every heat. 


C7: If someone wants to beat Philip Köster he needs to land an excellent Double Forward plus a second great jump and a good score in wave riding. Was that what you did?

Marcilio Browne: That’s what I was trying. But the final was tricky. I think both of us kind of struggled. I was just trying to keep my head cool and adjust to try to just land tricks. I knew the conditions had gotten a lot worse and the level just wouldn’t be the same for any of us compared to previous heats.


C7: Did you have a clear plan, tactics before the start of the final?

Marcilio Browne: No, I just wanted to focus on doing the best each run. Of course I wanted a Double Loop and some tricks on the wave, but it’s really hard to plan anything in those conditions.


Brazilian wave style influenced by Kauli Seadi (Pic: PWA/Carter)

Brazilian wave style influenced by Kauli Seadi (Pic: PWA/Carter)


C7: How was the reaction of the reigning world-champ Philip Köster?

Marcilio Browne: Phillip was super cool! He congratulated me and seemed to be stoked. He clearly understood that it was a very special moment for me and he was very nice about it. It was so cool also because a lot of people seemed happy. That fact made it even more special to me. Caitlin and my close friends were so happy and I think they were also a bit surprised, hehehe. Also it was great to see how happy my family was. It was so nice talking to them. 


C7: Do you think your freestyle background is an advantage to win? Do you need to have a lot of freestyle skills to get on top in modern competition wave sailing?

Marcilio Browne: For sure, especially when it’s onshore and tricky like here at Klitmller, where the wave riding gets a bit closer to freestyle. But I think now the judges are more into seeing bigger carves and late hits on bigger waves , which is great . I saw the most of the highest scores from the day were not exactly tricks, but also big hits of the top and turns . 


Brawzinho made it in 6th at Cabezo (Pic: PWA/Carter)

Brawzinho made it in 6th at Cabezo (Pic: PWA/Carter)


C7: How would you describe your wave riding style and what’s different compared to other styles? Are you influenced by the style of your fellow countryman Kauli Seadi?

Marcilio Browne: I don’t know, I just try to be fast and smooth as much as I can, and pick details from my favorite riders. Yes, Kauli is a great inspiration and I look up to him a lot, but also to other guys like Levi, Francisco , Polakow, Keith  …. I have a few different things I like from each person and I try to mix it up . 


C7: How and where did you celebrate your first PWA wave victory?

Marcilio Browne: We had some people to come to our house here and we had a couple of drinks, it was fun!! 


Marcilio gets full support by Francisco Goya Brazilian wave style (Pic: PWA/Carter)

Marcilio gets full support by Francisco Goya (Pic: PWA/Carter)


C7: Great reactions from Francisco Goya?

Marcilio Browne: Yesss, he seems to be so stoked. Francisco is the nicest guy in the world. 


C7: How do you see your chance to win the title in 2013?

Marcilio Browne: I still don’t want to think about that, as there are so many events to come. Right now I am just looking forward for my first heat in Sylt and I will keep taking it step by step until the end of the year. 


C7: Thanks for the interview.

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