Marcilio Browne (BRA-105), one of the topsailors in waveriding, who already got Freestyle worldchampion in his young career, spent several days in August at home in Brazil, at Icarai, where the conditions were excellent for training jumping and waveriding in sideonshore conditions. The perfect preparation for the two final events on the PWA wave tour: Klitmöller and Sylt. Brawnzinho is currently placed in 10th position on the PWA Wave Worldtour after finishing in excellent 5th position at Pozo Izquierdo and 13th at El Cabezo on Tenerife. On his way to Europe, Marcilio found some time to answer our questions on the airport about his trip back home.


Marcilio tweaked at his homeground.


C7: How was it back home in August?

Marcilio: It was really fun! I didn´t spend much time with my family and friends lately, so it was good to catch up on that plus we had some fun conditions. I also spent some time down in Ibiraquera, which was also excellent.


C7: How many days did you sail on your wavegear?

Marcilio: 5 days at my hometown Fortaleza and in the close surroundings and maybe 6 or 7 down in the south of Brazil. Not too many days, but for sure a few really good ones.

A nice view on Icarai, a less known spot a bit north of Fortaleza.


C7: Could you describe this Icarai spot. Is it the best waveriding spot next to Fortaleza out of your view?

Marcilio: It´s not the best, but for sure a nice place, the most consistent, plus it is a super mellow place, I love spending time over there. It´s like really flat on low tide, best freestyle conditions I ever sailed, plus on high tide you can get some fun jumping on the little reef outside .

A view on the freestyle lagoon.


C7: Two more events are on the tour plan, Klitmöller and Sylt. Are you excited to compete again within less than 2 weeks?

Marcilio: Yes, super excited, have been doing some training and really looking forward to try to come up a few numbers on the rankings. Will do my best and see what happens.


C7: When will you start your trip to Europe?

Marcilio: I am actually at the airport right now, boarding to England, where I will see my friend Nik Baker and do some promotion, after I will head up to Denmark.


Good luck, Marcilio!

In the following video you can watch Marcilio Browne and Levi Lenz sailing at Icarai, a spot on the half way in between Marcilio´s hometown Fortaleza and the famous Jericoacoara. It shows onshore wave action with excellent double forwards and tweaked Pushloops and some solid freestyle action of Levi Lenz, who improved a lot over the last year.