“Made in Tarifa” is a new video featuring Miguel Chapuis and his cousin Max Hochgrassl. They are both living in Tarifa and are next generation wave windsurfers. Miguel Chapuis had a great season on the PWA Wave World Tour so far and is ranked in excellent 16th position overall and by the way he is the best ranked youth wave windsurfer on the PWA tour at the moment.

In their video, which was filmed during the winter months, they show a firework of jumps in Levante conditions at Playa Chica and Canos. Back loops, Push loops, Goiters, Shove its, stalled Forwards… just great to watch! The video shows the real power of wind and waves and motivates to try new jumps in our next windsurfing sessions. 

Leo Hochgrassl, the brother of Max, was the driving force behind the camera and the computer. Well done!

Made in Tarifa – Miguel Chapuis & Max Hochgrassl go big at their home spots in Tarifa, Andalusia 

Filmed by Leo Hochgrassl, Felipe Chapuis, Jasandar & Margara