Maciek Rutkowski released the first video of his new video series called WINDSURFLIFE. In his first video the Polish windsurfing pro travels from Poland to Maui, where he organizes everything for a Jaws session. It was his first time on Maui and his first time at Jaws. It’s a dangerous place and we would say luckily everything turned out all right. Thumbs up Maciek!

“Riding Jaws is not just about the act itself. In my first episode of my new series I show what exactly goes into the once-in-a-lifetime experience. And why it is so scary.” Maciek Rutkowski

Polish windsurfing pro Maciek Rutkowski travels to Maui and rides Jaws – Windsurflife Episode 1

Filmed by: Daniel Dmytrow, Anna Sokolenko, Jake Miller – Aerial Video Maui, Kevin Pritchard, David Swift