Polish windsurfer Maciek Rutkowski (POL-23) was lucky and scored a great windsurfing session on December 25 at one of his homespots in Poland.

Maciek: “It was my first Christmas at home since 5 or 6 years. Last thing I would expect is to windsurf! When I was a kid every Christmas was white and sub-zero temperatures. We would rather build snowboard jumps or tow-board behind a car. Couple years later and there I was windsurfing without gloves! I could easily be without boots and the hood as well. Another big change is the artificial reef that was built over the last year or so to protect the coast. I thought maybe it would make the waves better or at least more powerful, but instead of putting the reef 50cm under the water it’s like 10cm at most! So I actually had to avoid it and sail upwind of it keeping in mind that if I crash the current will take me straight into head high waves breaking on dry concrete! Nevertheless I managed to have tons of fun. Rowy is not exactly the most organized and easiest place to windsurf, but it’s home and nothing really beats a good session at home, specially on Christmas day after an amazing breakfast.” 


Maciek Rutkowski at Rowy on December 25

filmed by Daniel Dmytrów and edited by Maciek Rutkowski