Lucas Meldrum (K-90) released his latest movie called “B2C”.  According to Lucas this movie was originally meant to be a short action clip of Cornwall but evolved into more of a portrait doc with a collection of different stories and opinions. In this movie Lucas wanted show a bit more about himself, as he thought this was missing in his clips until now. He talks about his idols and what inspires him. About three years ago Lucas moved from Brighton to Cornwall for studying. He moved to a place with more swell and wilder coastlines.

Over the past three years he made new friends, windsurfed at several beaches in brilliant waves in Cornwall and learnt more about himself. Lucas realized how much he is a wave sailor and how much he likes to go out for the perfect free session. It’s not all about competition and the latest moves, although Lucas just has won the Tiree Wave Classic. He loves the feeling of riding a wave, hitting a lip or feeling the change of tides.

This film is different to what we are used to see in windsurfing. It’s a simple but deep windsurfing portrait about a windsurfer, who is not sure what the future holds. 

It has taken a while for me to be myself on camera. Lucas Meldrum

B2C – a windsurfing film by Lucas Meldrum and Bede Pitcairn Knowles