Oda Johanne and Sarah-Quita Offringa did it again! This time they travelled to Munich and later further south to Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. Here’s their video from their lovely holidays on and off the water.

Team lovely holiday: “After Denmark we decided to drive down to Italy. Little did we know the issues our van would have. Everything that could go wrong did! It took us 5 days to get from the North of Denmark to the South of Germany. We discovered a different issue with the van every day. From a leaking tire, to the car pulling to the right and having to replace all four tires, to a leaking coolant tank and finally the whole engine needing to be replaced.
Instead of windsurfing we unexpectedly found ourselves doing some euro sightseeing and spent a week in Munich with Adam and Alina. (Thanks for saving our butts!)
In the end the time in Munich was a highlight of the trip as the summery days lingered around that week. Surfing in the Eisbach, cruising the pump tracks and skate bowls, indoor surfing and exploring Munich! Before we knew it the van was ready and we were on our way to Sardinia.
We drove through snowy mountains in Austria, the Norwegian was unimpressed while the Aruban was killing herself taking video’s. We made a quick pitstop at the tour of Pisa before jumping on the bumpy ferry ride. We were one day late for the storm in Sardinia, but we felt the waves on the ferry ride. Sardinia was incredibly scenic and two weeks weren’t enough to explore the whole island.

We had some power freestyle in Sa Barra & Porto Pollo, kitesurfed at Punta Trettu. And we caught some waves at Funtana Meiga and Marina delle Rose. The scenery was amazing on the windless days and we suffered another van breakdown. All in all it was a road trip to remember! But hopefully next time we’ll get to explore Sardinia for longer and with that new engine that van will live a looong life!”

Lovely holiday in Munich and Sardinia featuring Oda Johanne & Sarah-Quita Offringa – Video