“Locals only” is the latest video with Stam Promponas, Lennart Neubauer & Manolis “Manos” Orfanos, who enjoyed a great windy autumn in Naxos. It’s a strong sign from the Greek windsurfing scene. The summer is over and the boys release finest Freestyle action from the Laguna beach park filmed in September/October 2018. The clip, Stam did the edit, contains windsurfing and tow-in action from the three locals only. The highlight of the video is great ramp action in the second part of the video. Naxos definitely has a lot of potential for windsurfing and the boys push their personal limits in every single session. Let’s hope the conditions will stay like that for the upcoming winter months!!!

Locals only – a freestyle windsurfing video starring Stam Promponas, Lennart Neubauer & Manolis “Manos” Orfanos 

Filmed by Stam Promponas, Iris Neubauer, Triadafilia Zisopoulou, Manos Orfanos