PWA Freestyle World Cup (Men)

Date: Apr 20 – Apr 25 2015
Location: Leucate, France


24.4.2015 Friday
Today the Tow-in final will take place at 3pm with Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo, Tonky Frans, Adam Sims, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Hugo de Sousa, Antony Ruenes, Julien Mas, Kiri Thode, Bjorn Saragoza, Adrien Bosson, Mattia Fabrizi, Sam Esteve (JP / NeilPryde)


23.4.2015 Thursday 
Steven van Broeckhoven wins the Double elimination in a close 3:2 decision against Gollito Estrede. 3rd Kiri Thode 4th Dieter van der Eyken 5th Amado Vrieswijk 5th Taty Frans


22.4.2015 Wednesday
12:15 The competition started. The wind is side onshore from south western direction and the PWA runs heats with 7 minutes counting the best 4 out of 7 moves each tack. Following riders made it into the top 16 of the single elimination:

Scheffers, Tonky Frans, Caers, Broeckhoven, Bosson, Van der Eyken, Thode, Schmit, Beholz, Ruenes, Vrieswijk, Agkazciyan, Taty Frans, Pinocheau, Soltysiak and Estredo

top 8: Scheffers, Van Broeckhoven, Van der Eyken, Thode, Ruenes, Vrieswijk, Taty Frans, Estredo

top 4: Van Broeckhoven vs.Thode, Vrieswijk vs. Estredo

winners final:Van Broeckhoven vs Estredo – -> winner Steven van Broeckhoven

losers final: Thode vs Vrieswijk – -> winner Kiri Thode

Result single elimination:

1. Steven van Broeckhoven

2. Gollito Estredo

3. Kiri Thode

4. Amado Vrieswijk

full result here



21.4. 2015 Tuesday
Again light wind – no competition – 2nd tow-in qualification with Tim Ruyssenaars, Loick Spicher, Marco Vinante, Sam Esteve, Mattia Fabrizi, Max Rowe, Antoine Albert, Youp Schmit, Julien Mas, Adrien Bosson, Björn Saragoza, Kiri Thode in the afternoon.

Qualifying for the tow-in final are: Julien Mas, Kiri Thode, Bjorn Saragoza, Mattia Fabrizi and Sam Esteve


20.4.2015, Monday
No wind on the first day of the event – light wind from northwest – first round of the tow-in qualification at 4pm, with 12 windsurfers competing for a place in Thursday’s final. (Ricardo Marca, Florian Wegerer, Rossel Bertoldo, Nic Hibdige, Adam Sims, Hugo De Sousa, Yentel Caers, Dieter Van Der Eyken, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Antony Ruenes, Tonky Frans, Gollito Estredo)

Qualifying for the Final of the Tow-in are: Gollito Estredo, Tonky Frans, Adam Sims, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Hugo de Sousa and Antony Ruenes.


Live Stream Player PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 


The live stream is a bit confusing, as they have a few events parallel  and the stream kitesurfing, windsurfing and ads alternating. 


Live Mondial du Vent 2015 von leucaextrem2015