Lina and Val Erzen are two young windsurfers from Slovenia. Val is 10 and Lina 12 years-old. They both are able to land Air jibes, Grubbies or Spocks. We met them at the DAM-X event in Brouwersdam for the first time and we were impressed how much they like windsurfing. They had a fantastic year with a lot of highlights. They get the full support of their parents. If there is any wind forecasted their father Igor drives with them to a lake or to the spots at the Adriatic sea.

Igor has a few facts about the 2017 season: “We had more than 100 days on the water at many different spots in Croatia (Island Krk, Preluk near Rijeka, Sabunike beach near Zadar), Sardinia in May, 2 months in Greece during the summer (Vassiliki, Drepano, Mykonos, Naxos), Italy the whole year (Marina Julia, Grado Pineta) and Slovenian at our home spots like Bohinj lake and some places around Piran. Val startet seriously with freestyle in April when he learned the Air Jibe and since then he learned many other tricks like downwind and upwind 360, Gecko, Body Drag, Spock and Spock 540° (oh), Grubby and Kono. Lina learned the Chop Hop, Helitack, Duck Jibe, upwind and downwind 360° till April. In July she already landed Air Jibes and in October already Spocks.”

We are sure that we will see a lot more moves from Lina and Val in the near future.

Lina and Val Erzen from Slovenia windsurfed  in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands in 2017