You like waves, nature and warm weather? Western Australia offers everything during the summer or the European winter. The 19 year-old German wave windsurfer Lina Erpenstein, who finished school successfully, decided to spend her winter in Western Australia and work on her wave riding skills. And the trip to West OZ was definitely one of her windsurfing highlights in her young career. She ripped the waves on her 69 liter wave board, lived in the wild nature in her camper van and enjoyed the sessions on the water. Now Lina is looking forward to her second year on the PWA tour.

Lina Erpenstein: “After finishing school in June 2015 I decided to take one year off and spend it entirely on travelling and windsurfing. In summer I joined the Worldcup events in Europe and afterwards headed to Australia for my winter trainings. We didn’t have the best season, but still I scored my best wave sessions until now and learned a lot for my sailing. Australia is a very diverse country and so are the windsurfing conditions: from down the line to onshore jumping, you’ll find everything. This summer I want to join the competitions again and hope to be able to show what Australia taught me.


Lina Erpenstein in Western Australia