Lennart Neubauer wins the EFPT Surf Opening in Austria 2023 in front of Steven van Broeckhoven and Jacopo Testa. This is his first ever event victory and even more impressive as this is his comeback season after a severe knee injury. 

Lennart managed to defend his first place of the single elimination and showed that he can handle the lighter winds as well. In combination with his 2nd place in Bonaire, he is now leading the tour. 

This win means so much. Before the heat I was trying to look at it as just one more heat and perform just once more in the final against Steven. I did not want to put any pressure on myself if I win now or not. But actually after I knew I won it was just a big relief. It’s my first victory, it’s a cool one, the crowd is here, the sun is out and we had pretty good wind I think for Austrian conditions. Lennart Neubauer

A very happy Lennart - Pic: Marlene | Continentseven

A very happy Lennart – Pic: Marlene | Continentseven

EFPT Surf Opening in Austria 2023 – Day 3

It was a very early start to the third day of the EFPT Surf Opening in Austria. At 6 o’clock in the morning the riders had their skippers meeting. Unfortunately the riders weren’t rewarded with wind immediately. They had to wait a few hours to finally recommence the 2nd semifinal of the single elimination between Jacopo Testa and Sam Esteve, which was won by Jacopo Testa. The winners final between Jacopo Testa and Lennart Neubauer was a great battle but in the end it was Lennart, who won by 3,45 points. In the losers final Sam Esteve was on form and won with a solid margin of 5 points against Steven van Broeckhoven.

The Double Elimination

Right after the announcement of the winners the double elimination got underway. In gusty 12 to 22 knots the riders were using their 4,8m, 5,2m sails and Lennart his 5,6.

Two riders stormed through the double elimination: Jamie Howard and Yentel Caers. After three wins each they met to battle for the 5th place and a chance to climb the double elimination further. Yentel won this heat by about 3 points and faced Steven van Broeckhoven next. The two Belgians set the the 2nd highest score for a heat. Shaka Flakas, Shove it Spocks, Air Flaka Shakas, Spock Culos, Double Culos were only some of the moves they landed. But Steven van Broeckhoven was on a mission and sailed a heat with 36,33 points only to top this score in his next heat against Sam Esteve (33,93) and once again in his next heat against Jacopo Testa with 36,40 points. This heat against Jacopo was the highest scoring heat and very close. Less than 1 point separated them. 

Right before the final, the heat between Steven van Broeckhoven and Lennart Neubauer, the wind dropped. Although they are both big guys, we saw some great moves. In the end Lennart put in a solid heat despite the deteriorating conditions to defend his single elimination victory and to win the event. The Greek had 31,19 points on his heat sheet. Steven reached 28,53 points.

Check out the moment when Lennart and Steven arrive at the beach after the winners final. 

Watch the full heat of the double elimination: Lennart Neubauer vs Steven van Broeckhoven

Lennart Neubauer vs Steven van Broeckhoven final

Lennart Neubauer vs Steven van Broeckhoven: points in the final of the double elimination

Full Result – EFPT Surf Opening in Austria 2023

Freestyle Windsurfing (double elimination / 21 riders)

1. Lennart Neubauer
2. Steven van Broeckhoven
3. Jacopo Testa
4. Sam Esteve
5. Yentel Caers
6. Jamie Howard
7. Youp Schmit, Bodhi Kempen
9. Michi Czech, Tigo Kort, Mathias Vingaard, Nigel Hart
13. Adam Sims, George Grisley, Tim Gerdes, Eugenio Marconi
17. Martin Molenar, Primus Sörling, Andreas Rössler, Oliver Townsend, Emmanouil Crysopoulos


Tow-in Synchro Team (8 teams, not officially counting towards the Tow-In rankings)

1. Steven van Broeckhoven & Yentel Caers
2. Sam Esteve & Lennart Neubauer
3. Youp Schmit & Nigel Hart
4. Tigo Kort & Tim Gerdes

teams not qualified for the finals:

  • George Grisley & Body Kempen
  • Andreas Rössler & Michi Czech
  • Jamie Howard & Oldie Townsend
  • Primus Sörling & Manolis Chrysopoulos