Lena Erdil (23) from Bodrum, Turkey, spent almost all November at Luderitz, Namibia. Her plan was to beat the current speed worldrecord on a windsurfer on the 500 m distance. It was the first time for Lena (Tur-33) competing on a channel and in a speed event. Watch a brilliant video, which shows how the competition went for Lena. 


She did a great job, supported by Patrik Diethelm and even Björn Dunkerbeck, beating the old record of Karin Jaggi with the fantastic average speed of 45,74 knots on the 500 m distance. Just Zara Davies from UK was able to beat Lena by 0,09 knots and a new world record speed of 45,83 knots. Overall Lena did a great job despite she is relatively light for a speed sailor. At the moment she spends several weeks at Cape Town until mid of January to get used to the waves a bit more.


Watch another  nicely filmed and edited video about Lena. She explains, what windsurfing means to her, sail on the speedgear at the channel and as on the open Atlantic ocean and shows, how the area of Luderitz looks like.