At Latvian’s best wave spot, in Pavilosta a wave competition, called SURF PRO Wave Cup took place in October. The spot is located at the west coast of the Baltic state. 11 windsurfer from all three Baltic countries Estonia, Lithuania and Estonia participated in the event. The whole competition day was sunny with enough wind and waves. A full double elimination was held. Krišjanis Tutans won the final against Jurgis Vitols and showed his skills at one of his favorite spots in his home country.

SURF PRO Wave Cup at Pavilosta, Latvia



1. Krišjanis Tutans LAT

2. Jurgis Vitols LAT

3. Kristjan Kiisk EST

4. Ain Harmson EST

5. Kristaps Vitols LAT

6. Jevgenijs Gavrilovs LAT

7. Janis Neimanis LAT, Ernest Brendel LTU

9. Maris Minkevics LAT, Gintas Lapenas LTU, Rudolfs Kruklis LAT