“As predicted the wind and swell arrived with vengeance and the 2010 Lancelin Ocean Classic wave competition was run and won. However the final results will not be announced until the presentations tomorrow afternoon. So stay tuned. All the big names such as Peter Volwater, Robby Swift, Ben Severne and local hot shot Luke Walmsley performed well pulling off massive aerials, jumps and top to bottom wave riding. The Marathon will be run tomorrow and with 20 knots forecast it should be awesome”, event organizer Rob Goyen stated after the day.

More action is promised for tomorrow from the 25th Lancelin Ocean Classic. Here are some pics. Click on them and make them bigger!

The Lancelin reef from the bird eye´s view (Pic: Lancelin Ocean Classic 2010).

Peter Volwater is floating the lip (Pic: Lancelin Ocean Classic 2010).

Ben Severne rotates through a Wave 360 (Pic: Lancelin Ocean Classic 2010).

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