In late autumn Baptiste Mure and his family packed the van and left the French Alps for a trip to south of France, to La Ganguise. And they were lucky because they scored 5 very windy day.

“Tired of taking the highway to reach southern France, we decided to chose the small routes, happy to discover new places and landscapes we usually bypassed.
We crossed the dense spruce forests of Forez (Auvergne), we took our time to take photos of the Truyère gorges and slept on the plateau d’Aubrac (altitude: 1 200m). After this little break, we continued the road towards Toulouse and its “agricultural” spot, wondering all along the route about the damage left by the wheat farming.
At this time of the year, the wheat is already harvested and ensiled, the land plowed and bared to face winter. During the last hours of our trip, we could only find hectares without vegetation. And guess what? The spot of the Guanguise is an artificial reservoir of water, irrigating the cultures of the department… Ironic isn’t it? These landscapes of dry trees on the banks, so mysterious and typical of the place, are the result. We just can wonder about these industrial processes of cereal production in a country as France, world’s largest wheat producer. Anyway, this water tank is perfect for windsurfers living there!” (Baptiste Mure)