After the PWA event in New Caledonia last November Antoine Albeau and Maciek Rutkowski stayed a few more days on the island, as they got invited to join the crew and 3 local competitors (Fred Morin, Paul Haldebel and Stephan Vuduc) for a trip to the nearby island of Ile des Pines and the surrounding islands.


Maciek Rutkowski: “The guys were saying the place is like a postcard, so we just couldnt say no. Already the first hour of the trip was amazing. We got into two 4-seater planes and flew over an archipelago of remote New Caledonian islands with the pilots doing pretty much all the stunts in the book with the tiny planes (to the huge joy of Pao – Antoine’s girlfriend haha!). The only thing missing were backpacks with parachutes for all of us and I would be fine with the trip ending right there. And this was just the beginning! All I can tell you is that the place make postcards look like me next to Brad Pitt. But being there doesn’t come easy. We needed to pay our respects to the local tribes, take them along for the ride, so that they can make sure we are respectful with the environment etc. Apparently we must have done something wrong, since just as we started the helishoot the clouds came out of nowhere haha! But anyway I’ll save you the talking. Just switch on HD and enjoy.”


The movie KUNIE featuring Antoine Albeau, Maciek Rutkowski, Fred Morin, Paul Haldebel & Stephan Vuduc