Kuma Movie did it again. Thanks! Same music as in the previous clips, but better and better action from Sotavento. In his clip Fuerte Part 3 he shows action from the spot from yesterday, where most of the top Freestylers are training at the moment.

Gollito seems to be totally fit and rips as usual, Andraz Zan from Slovenia also arrived and lands fast moves. Davy Scheffers lands his double combos. Tonky is as usual on fire trying out new tricks. Check out the action at 45 seconds!
Steven lands insane no handed Burners and even combines this move with another trick. Yegor Popretinskiy seems to get into his usual rhythm with perfect Shakas, Antony Ruenes lands extremely easy looking Chachos, Taty Frans warms up on the new shorter 2012 boards and Yarden Meir gets into landing no handed Burners! Respect! And there are many more, like Julien Mas, Phil Soltysiak or Quincy Offringa, who train at Sotavento right now.
Let´s hope that the wind will be on, but the forecast improved again from a total desaster one to an intermediate one!