Polish freestyle windsurfer Kuba Kawalkowski finished his summer clip. The action ist not from this summer, but from his last summer in Karpathos. Kuba doesn’t care about hard crashes and went for wild double moves, big Air Skopus, Konos, Burner Funnells, Air Kabikuchis. He enjoyed the time there and scored 90% wind for his small freestyle equipment.

“Recently I changed my summer destination from Fuerteventura to the most windy Greek island, Karpathos. It’s an incredible place with one of the best wind statistics in Europe. Out of 50 days I have sailed on 45 days, every time on 4.0m or 4.4m. There are 3 bays with different conditions from flat water to small chops for air moves. Great people are always around, what causes a friendly and chilled atmosphere.” Kuba Kawalkowski

Polish freestyle windsurfer Kuba Kawalkowski with his hardcore freestyle action from Karpathos 2017