Philip ‘the kid’ Köster confirmed himself as the 2012 PWA Wave World Cup champion by winning the semi-final in the Double Elimination of the KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup as the sun set on Wednesday evening. Köster already had one hand on the world title after winning the first two of the four events world cup, in Pozo, Gran Canaria and Tenerife, but found himself in the unusual situation of lying fourth after losing twice in the single elimination.

In the Double Elimination he started his revenge and came storming back to secure his second PWA Wave world title in a row, at the age of just eighteen.


Philip on winning his world title: “I’m so stoked, I feel so good, I had a great year first Pozo, then Tenerife and now Cold Hawaii. It’s amazing. Can’t be better. I haven’t got words for it.”


The final has still to be sailed. The judges decided to stop the competition, due to the deteriorating light meaning it was impossible for the judges to see what is going on. Philip Köster: “I think it was the right decision since it was hard to see out there by the end. I still wan’t to win it. I’ll give it 100%.”


Philip Köster wins his second Worldtitle


Pic: PWA/John Carter

© Continentseven, Matthew Pryor/KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2012