After somes big rides during all the season, from beginners to experts, Julien “WeshWesh” Taboulet and Caroline Barbeau are going to finish their season with style, with the KING OF THE WESH!!!!

It will be a free contest and open to everybody. It will happen on a waiting period from October 27th 2012 to November 12th 2012. When the forecast looks good for two days in a row the competition will be on!


Following disciplines will see competitions:

– Kicker
– Slider
– Slalom


And these disciplines will see demonstrations just for fun:

– Freestyle
– Big 1980’s windsurf old stuff meeting, with the “old school ride”.


“We will celebrate this of course like always, with a big party and the chicken Yassa of the chef Mimmo. Prizes to win, big show for sure, and above all for a big friendly time!” Julien Taboulet


Inscriptions and informations:


The King of the Wesh poster 2012.


We interviewed Julien about his oldschool ride he recently had in front of his windsurfing center. You can collect your old school stuff in the meanwhile and travel to Leucate soon. That´s for sure the big chance to share great moments on the water with several other guys riding their 380 cm long tanks powered up with a 1 batten triangle sail and a wobbling boom…  And probably you will be surprised how much fun it is indeed to ride on the classic windsurfing gear  from the 80´s!!


C7: Which gear was it? Model and size?

Julien Taboulet: I was on a Dufour Wind from the 80’s, the sail was a 6.3 m.


C7: How much wind did you have and what kind of of modern gear would you have used this day?

Julien Taboulet: The wind was arround 35knots, I was riding with 4.4 m just before on the Kicker.


Fighting in 35 knots at the Etang the Leucate (Pic: Ride Production).


C7: Did you enjoy it to sail on the old stuff and why didn´t you use a harness?

Julien Taboulet: You know what, I had so much fun to ride this old board. It’s good for the body without harness, and just going straigjht in the strong wind is already a mission!!!! The feeling of the planning is so crazy, like your first ride, and you try to go as fast as you can.


C7: Do you have to go for another ride?

Julien Taboulet: Yes for sure, in more wind for more adrenaline!!!!


At good speed on downwind (Pic: Ride Production).


C7: Did you feel great when you changed to your modern funboard gear?

Julien Taboulet: You know what, the feeling is not so much different, I was really surprised. You are fighting with the staff, so you feel the speed really early.


C7: How was your season at your center?

Julien Taboulet: Good rides, a lot of beginners (windsurfing is not dead), big parties… This is our third seasons now. We are so happy to share our passion, and the spirit is for sure the best way to unite new windsurfers.


The perfect glide of the 80´s by Julien Taboulet in 2012 (Pic: Ride Production).


C7: Is windsurfing growing at your spot in Leucate, France?

Julien Taboulet: We have now 60 kids registered at the club for the year. The people enjoy the place to ride & chill with the Wesh Center Crew. There are real windsurfing vibes around here.


All the best for your upcoming event Julien and thanks for the answers!

Watch the oldschool and kicker action on following clips!