Kevin Pritchard has won the single elimination at the first AWT tour stop at Waddell Creek, Santa Cruz in 2013. We have caught up with Kevin for a quick interview. He absolutely did not expect to win, but read yourself.

Kevin Pritchard - Pic: AWT

Kevin Pritchard – Pic: AWT


C7: Did you expect to win the single elimination? How happy are you?

Kevin Pritchard:  At this stage in my career I never expected to win anything. The kids are ripping so hard, Brawzinho, in my mind is unbeatable. He is sailing amazing and the others too.  The judges must have made a mistake or something. Ha ha. Just to make the final I get very happy. To win the single, well I am speechless.  


C7: Same result like at the final event at Maui last year and then Bernd Roediger took the win in the double. Will you win this time?

Kevin Pritchard: I am hoping for no wind this time.  Ha ha.  


C7: You are a Californian boy. What’s your relation with Waddell Creek? How many days did you sail there so far?

Kevin Pritchard: I haven’t spent too much time here. Just the competitions over the last 20 years or so. It is pretty beautiful coastline here so I like that. I love the people here.  It’s California, the old timers are all here, Casserio, Katchadourian, Ian Boyd showed up, it’s just good times. I heard Josh Angulo was thinking about coming, which would be scary cause i know he knows what to do out here. its just a great time with friends and that’s what I like about it.  


C7: Looks like you picked up a lot of new school stuff during the winther months. Was that the key to win this single elimination?

Kevin Pritchard: I have been filming and watching Graham so much that maybe it rubbed off on me.  For sure it helps to hang out with Graham. He is always trying the new stuff.  In the final I just stuck with the stuff I could make.  I had a backside 360 and even threw out a one hand backside 360 to add some spice. Brawz took my one footed backloop and it was tuff to get jumps.  Lucky for me it was all about the wave rides and linking it all together.  


C7: What are your tactics  for the double?

Kevin Pritchard: Pray for no wind. Brawz is pissed, like I said before, he is incredible to watch and rips so hard, I am honored just to be in the same heat as him.  Levi hates not winning, and can pull it out at any time.  I love his style and cant be overlooked.  Bernd can slash it up in the small waves and has some of the best wave judgment out there..  Forecast is for wind so we will see.  I am going to go out there and do my best.  Keep it consistent. Get the biggest waves I can and go for it as best I can. 


C7: Good luck for the double!

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