Kai Lenny is a waterman, no doubt about it.  You can put him on any gear, a SUP, a windsurf board, kite board or surf board, it is always a pleasure to watch him riding. Now he released a video, produced by Stacking Clips and Poor Boyz Production (edited by Nick Springer), about big wave surfing in Jaws and short board action on Maui. His surfing looks radical and is really nice to watch. Let’s see , if Kai will enter the professional short board surfing circuit during the upcoming years, too.


“I’ve been working with Poor Boyz Production for years, and this is the first time we’ve collaborated efforts with Stacking Clips. I’m really excited to share the video they created!  Thanks Poor Boyz and Stacking Clips! Keep enjoying the ocean and the ride! Aloha!” Kai Lenny about his video by stackingclips


Video of Kai Lenny surfing on Maui